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  • How is the habilitation thesis written?
  • What is Habilitation?
  • How to obtain the title of associate professor?
  • What do you need to know about the habilitation procedure?
  • How does Habilitation take place?
  • What does the habilitation thesis look like?
  • How to Avoid Plagiarism?
  • Where can I see the habilitation thesis in PDF?
  • What forms can habilitation work have?
  • How does Habilitation at Charles University Work?
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  • What is habilitation
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Habilitation thesis and habilitation

The habilitation thesis is probably the most expert and demanding of all academic papers. On the basis of her elaboration and successful completion of habilitation, she is awarded the title of associate professor (doc.), Which is a scientific-pedagogical degree of a university teacher, based on a range of academic degrees between a lecturer and a professor. This title is listed in front of the name (as opposed to titles from Anglo-American countries such as MBA or LLM

The habilitation thesis must have a range of at least 100 to 150 pages, similar to a dissertation or a rigorous thesis. Its structure and most formal requirements do not differ from all previous departments, which are supposed to be the writer of the habilitation thesis has long been perfectly mastered eg bachelor thesis or diploma thesis. After a proper presentation of the methodology, the topic of the work and the set goals, there is room for one’s own argumentation and discussion of the chosen issue.

Habilitation work needs to be conceived even more sophistically and more precisely than eg the aforementioned dissertation. More than anywhere else, emphasis is placed on original and independent research. If the previous texts, such as the diploma thesis, were rather preparatory exercises, then the habilitation thesis is a regular scientific work, and as such it must only withstand the strictest standards. Therefore, it is taken for granted that the citations are problem-free. or and avoid plagiarism, upload your work before submitting it.

This also implies that habilitation work may also have a substantially different form than just an isolated 100-page study. It may be a monograph, an annotated translation, a larger scientific study, a dictionary, etc. The habilitation thesis may also serve as an authoritative text to which other researchers will refer in the future.


Habilitation is a procedure related to the granting of an academic degree of associate professor. Habilitation has two parts: the first one is the elaboration and defense of the habilitation thesis in front of the commission, the second is the so-called habilitation lecture.

However, in addition to the habilitation thesis and the habilitation lecture, the university providing habilitation can also have other requirements for the applicants. In reality, it can be a scientific or pedagogical practice, quotes, publications in professional journals, etc.

It is also necessary to apply for the habilitation procedure in written form in the same time as in the rigorous procedure. In some faculties, it is also customary to provide a structured CV, several copies of a habilitation thesis, evidence of university degree or proof of obtaining an academic-scientific degree. For specific requirements for admission to the habilitation procedure, please consult your university website.
Successful candidates for the title of Associate Professor are appointed by the Rector of the University where the habilitation takes place. A successful habilitation procedure is a prerequisite for achieving a professorship.

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