Sample Dissertation Results Chapter Format

Tips for Formatting a Dissertation Results Chapter

Does your dissertation result section have a proper format? Usually, experts advise students to adhere to the academic standards expected in their tasks. A dissertation result is a chapter in your report that shows the methods used in your research. Additionally, you must provide crucial data that demonstrates a study’s significance. Often, your results will be broken down into sub-sections, such as descriptive, exploratory, inferential, and terminological sections.

To submit a high-quality dissertation, it is important to organize the sections and present them in a suitable format. You may also want to take time to familiarize yourself with different formatting styles. Some platforms offer a list of guidelines to a specific format. If not, there is enough information in this post for your academic journey.

Correct Dissertation Results Chapter Format

The results chapter format offers specific sections that you need to include. For starters, you must consider the sections you need to include in your dissertation.

  1. Objective
  2. Methodology
  3. Results
  4. Discussion

The objectives and aims of the research will vary depending on the discipline. Therefore, ensure the objective section is relevant to your discipline. Also, remember to include a brief summary of the methodology step if necessary. Ensure you cite all methods used to conduct your research. You can also comment on the findings and discuss their significance. Finally, you need to provide a conclusion that shows your hypothesis of the research and whether your findings support or refute it.

Also, the dissertation results should appear in chronological order. Generally, your results should not repeat their order or points other than they were described in the introduction. Unless otherwise provided, include descriptive information to assist the reader to understand your research. Such information allows them to judge if the outcomes are in line with your hypothesis and target audience.

The argument you present should also be logical. Argue your conclusions using valid evidence that can be through qualitative, quantitative, or anecdotal. Hints from previous studies can be of value in reinforcing the results. Finally, an outline of the hypothesis and research goals is helpful. It helps you clearly state the structure and purpose of the results chapter.

In conclusion, your dissertation results chapter should include the main findings and provide an interpretation of the results. Please remember to cite all sources used, including those used to plan your research. You can also add a brief explanation of the methodology used. The chapter should also include a section to discuss the methods’ reliability and validity. Furthermore, you should also provide a brief discussion of your results.

The sections should flow to allow you to present your results in a comprehensive and informative manner. Do not forget to proofread your results section to remove any grammatical errors. You can also consult with your instructor if you have not gained insight on the recommended formatting style.

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