Should a Dissertation Have a Results Section

Where Should a Dissertation Results Section Be? Let’s Find Out!

Every dissertation paper follows a standard structure. First, one has to present the primary aim and break down its significance in your research. Next, you should also include results in your research paper. Now, where should a section be in your dissertation? Is there a need to include any in your results section? Let’s find that out by reading through this post!

Reasons for Having a Results Section in a Dissertation

What is the purpose of having a results section in a dissertation paper? When writing any professional document, it would be best to secure a clear direction. For instance, how should the dissertation results section appear in your academic paperwork?

Simple, the results section should provide a summary of the main findings of your research. As such, a dissertation should include all the findings of your work and their significance. As such, you should provide relevant data in the results section to support your analysis.

Moreover, this section should also include crucial data in your study and its relevance to your field. Doing so will prove that the dissertation is relevant to your audience. Remember, you are looking to earn academic glory through this paper, and it is crucial to write recommendable reports for your work. Now, is there a need to include your dissertation findings in the results section?

Well, it all depends on your tutor’s expectations and your research skills. If you can:

  1. Tell the study’s aim
  2. Write a clear hypothesis and discuss in detail
  3. Outline all the relevant facts
  4. Evaluate the data to determine a valid finding

Now, is that enough to show a clear direction for your dissertation findings section? Without a clear direction, how will you know what to include in the findings section of your dissertation report?

A section should discuss the results obtained. If you can outline your research, you can support the findings in your paper with appropriate data. It would be best to research first before you begin working on your dissertation. Besides, you should also try to find support materials to work with. Doing so will enable you to avoid getting stuck in between when writing a section in a dissertation.

Traits of a Excellent Dissertation Results Section

The type of data present in a dissertation results section will depend on your tutor’s expectations. Ensure that you get help from online sources to draft your report with all the sections.

For instance, you should:

  1. Show the analysis
  2. List all the findings
  3. Provide the significance of the results
  4. Come up with a conclusion

A good dissertation results section should guide you on what to include in your report. Ensure that you develop one that adds value to your work. The type of information to include in a dissertation report also depends on the tutor. Be sure to capture all the sections and make the reports outstanding!

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