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  • Credit work
  • Credit work is a university written task, whose elaboration and timely submission is either a single or one of several conditions for granting credit for the course. Formal form and topic of credit work is usually known to students at the beginning of the semester to have enough time to prepare it.
  • The extent of the credit work is not significantly different from similar units, such as seminar work or semestral work. The upper limit in this case is usually 20 pages;
  • The structure, methodology and formal arrangements of the credit work are the same as those of all comparable academic texts, see for example year work, bachelor thesis or diploma thesis. However, it is true that, especially in some technical fields, the emphasis is not on strict adherence to all formal requirements, such as the title page, content, etc. For a more detailed overview of the individual forms that credit work can have, see the PR article credit work.

How to write credit work

When it comes to stylistics and general rules for writing credit, it is important to follow good and established practices and not to try out inappropriate innovativeness. Credit work should be written in the same language as any other academic work, such as a thesis or a dissertation, ie. scientific, unambiguous, exact and above all grammatically correct. Your credit work should be structured in a clear, logical and simple way – remember that one paragraph should contain exactly one idea, one section of your work then one more complex idea.

Credit work does not have to include a too broad introduction or conclusion (as opposed to higher academic texts such as doctoral thesis, dissertation or habilitation thesis. In the case of this work, a brief and striking summary of the objectives of the thesis is sufficient (in the introduction, see more information on the introduction to the credit work) ) and the conclusions reached (at the end of the work) It should be borne in mind that the credit work is far from being the scientific ambition as the aforementioned professional texts.

Credit work may be easier to write if you study a purely technical field. In this case, your credit work will probably consist of calculations, graphs, and diagrams that will only be accompanied by an economical verbal commentary. On the other hand, if you are more concerned with the humanities, your credit work will be based on much more language and will therefore need to be given more attention. If you are tempted to have your work inspected stylistically and grammatically by professionals, do not hesitate to visit the following link for 100% confidence that your credit work will be completely safe from the perspective.

Binding and printing of credit work

Although credit work is not the habit of submitting it in printed and bound form, you can still meet this requirement here and there. Most of the time, it is sufficient for your credit work to be submitted only in printed form, but usually in the form of a reference, but in all cases we bring you the following links, where you can professionally take care of your credit work when printing.

How can I order the work on credit work?

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